Christmas has passed

and altogether it was pretty nice. My family gave me some cash, which will help me out until school (and, therefore, my student worker job) are up and going again. It’s definitely good to have gas in the car!

Altough, I think the Christmas MVP award goes to my mom, who got me an awesome red kimono. It was completely out of the blue and was very thoughtful. 

In other news, the cat has been keeping me up lately. We’ve had to start shutting him in the bathroom because he knocks things over a LOT during the night. He has decided to respond to this situation by meowing constantly throughout the night. I’m starting to think the cat’s kind of a jerk. He was really happy when I came home, though, which was uncharacteristically cute. 


Sorry for the boring post. Maybe my life will get more interesting when I’m not sitting around working on statements of purpose and GRE vocab and all that.


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