The Portal

One should always know which way a door opens merely by looking at it if the designer has done their job. And this holds true whether it’s a bank of glass doors at the mall, or an unspeakably old wooden door leading to other worlds than these.

                               – Welcome to Nightvale, Episode 15: “Street Cleaning Day”

For those of you who were anxiously awaiting the follow-up to yesterday’s ruminations, I would like to announce that I did not, in fact, die on my commute today. What’s more, my heart didn’t raise its voice at all and I was able to go to my class, take the first part of my exam, and leave almost without incident.

I say almost without incident because I had made it out of the humanities building and halfway across the parking lot when I saw this…


Readers, I’m not sure what to say except…I think I’ve happened upon a portal. Yes, the gateway between worlds has opened and revealed itself to me on this most unusually warm of days! I hesitated to touch it (and, alas, left without gathering the courage to do so) but perhaps after some deep reflection I will return and engage the handle. But let it be clear that today was a momentous one. Maybe tomorrow we will see a merging of universes. Maybe tomorrow I will have the most marvelous chance to travel over and then, perhaps, then I will understand all of the things I never have been able to grasp:

     death, the idea that one can bake cookies on heat-resistant oven liner and be surprised when the bottoms don’t brown, the hashbrowns at Huddle House that are topped with a noncommittal slice of American cheese, the sound of the radio speaking only to me on the commute back home, anything wrapped in prosciutto, prosciutto itself, leaves that have been trodden so there isn’t the quietest crunch left in them. 

These mysteries have unraveled the world enough, made a blur out of everything, but as of today we have found the gateway and everything can be solved.

Tomorrow I will be in town for an event celebrating international holidays. Perhaps next year we will celebrate intergalactic holidays.

Or, maybe when I open the door everything will blink out like it was never there.

But rest assured, I will open the door.

It is my duty.


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